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Pirates of the Caribbean Online Fansite & Forums Casino
You Have: $0
Blackjack Classic Casino Game
Let 'em Ride 5 Card stud variation.
Lottery Buy your tickets
Roulette Place your bets and spin the wheel
Slots: Bars and 7s Slot Machine
Slots: Fruit Machine Slot Machine
Slots: Ninjas Slot Machine
Sports Betting Bet on upcoming events
Texas Holdem 10 player Limit game
Video Poker Jacks or better to win.
Total Stats
Game Bet Won Percent
Video Poker 251664 246032 98%
Blackjack 1430761 1426578 100%
Lottery 3055 4278 140%
Sports Betting 1915147 1909288 100%
Slots: Fruit Machine 53272 45927 86%
Texas Holdem 3968 3964 100%
Let 'em Ride 800116 741119 93%
Slots: Ninjas 32686 30262 93%
Slots: Bars and 7s 48483 41241 85%
Roulette 44097 46494 105%

More Stats

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